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The first ever Simcoe County Theatre Festival was a HUGE success! We are so happy with the opportunities this festival has created, and will continue to create for local artists in Simcoe County. We are so proud of this year's artists for the amazing work that they put together, and we can't wait to see what lies in store for 2023!

Most importantly though, we want to thank YOU! It was with your help that the Simcoe County Theatre Festival became such a success. Thank you for continuing to support local artists and local theatre!

About the Shows

B-O-D-Y: A Letter to Myself
Created by Black Cat Theatre Co.
Directed by Sabrina Merks

A devised theatre piece exploring how our trauma, mental illness/health, grief and thoughts live, dwell, and maybe even get stuck within ourselves and our bodies. Framed as a letter to our younger selves, and using the collective's real-life experience as a guide, B-O-D-Y will open up a chance for self-reflection, a chance to be seen, and a hopeful perspective on how we can move our bodies forward from here.

"I" on the Prize
Written by Trudee Romanek
Directed by Stephen Bainborough
Assistant Director Rachel Moore

A newcomer raises some eyebrows as well as suspicions among the regulars when he arrives partway through BINGO night at a small town Ontario church. Through fast-paced, frenetic comedy, "I" on the Prize explores what charity and giving actually look like, and how much is possible when we make space for others.

Barrie, Europa
Written by Kristian Diesen
Directed by Rochelle Reynolds

A fast-paced and quick-witted comedy revolving around the City of Barrie's quest to become an ambassador human settlement on Jupiter's moon, Europa. Through absurdity and laughs, Barrie, Europa asks, "What makes home a home?"

Murth Island
Written by Alexandra Gaudet
Directed by Keara Voo

This touching fantasy follows a group of children as they play make-believe on a southern Ontario island. But imagination and reality start to collide as their games uncover dark secrets buried deep in the island's roots.

Written by Jackson Doner
Directed by Ashley Frederick

Astrology and/or a pandemic lockdown pull three hip, young strangers together in the alley behind a semi-legal concert. Retrograde explores their search for connection and relationships in a time of social isolation. 

The Cowgirl of Suburbia
Written by Megan Adam
Directed by Stacey Schat

It looks like Elena has got it all: a comfortable bank job, reliable boyfriend and an inherited apartment. But when confronted with a choice to commit to a picture perfect life in suburbia, her safety net is at risk. Or could this be the chance she needs to be brave and move to wider pastures?

View the digital Festival Program (PDF)

Production Team

  • Production Manager - Maddie Disera
  • Stage Manager - Lesley Coo
  • Stage Manager - Kelsey Jensen
  • Assistant Stage Manager - Shania Scott
  • Intimacy Coordinator - Alayna Molotkow
  • Indie Producer - Chloë Flowers
  • Indie Producer - Ece Aydin
  • B-O-D-Y creator: Black Cat Theatre Co.
  • B-O-D-Y director: Sabrina Merks
  • "I" on the Prize writer: Trudee Romanek
  • "I" on the Prize director: Stephen Bainborough
  • "I" on the Prize assistant director: Rachel Moore
  • Barrie, Europa writer: Kristian Diesen
  • Barrie, Europa director: Rochelle Reynolds
  • Murth Island writer: Alexandra Gaudet
  • Murth Island director: Keara Voo
  • Retrograde writer: Jackson Doner
  • Retrograde director: Ashley Frederick
  • The Cowgirl of Suburbia writer: Megan Adam
  • The Cowgirl of Suburbia director: Stacey Schat

Festival Committee

  • Iain Moggach (chair)
  • Sabrina Merks (vice-chair)
  • Patricia Hammond (secretary)
  • Lauren Andrew
  • Carolina Belmares
  • Khaleel Gandhi
  • Leah Holder
  • Liam Karry
  • Danielle Joy Kostrich

Theatre by the Bay Staff

  • Artistic Director & Producer - Iain Moggach
  • Administrator - Patricia Hammond
  • Communications Officer - Khaleel Gandhi
  • Education & Creation Coordinator - Leah Holder

The Simcoe County Theatre Festival is developed with support from The Ontario Trillium Foundation, The City of Barrie, Fresh 93.1, Big 101 FM, and Theatre by the Bay's generous members, sponsors and donors. 


The Simcoe County Theatre Festival is part of Theatre by the Bay's 20th season anniversary. To learn more about how we're celebrating our anniversary, please click the button below!

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